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13th Macedonian Film Festival

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  Macedonian Saga ( )

Released: 1993 - Macedonia
Duration: 113 minutes
Classification: Feature / Drama

Director: Branko Gapo Ivanovski
Screenplay: Simon Drakul, Branko Gapo Ivanovski
Producer: Panta Mizhimakov
Leading Roles: Meto Jovanovski, Vlado Jovanovski, Kiril Pop-Hristov, Vladimir Svetiev, Biljana Taneski, Petar Temelkovski

Synopsis: The arrival of the young teacher, Damjan, in a village in Western Macedonia, disturbs the routine every day life of the residents, who are of a different religion. He is different from the previous teachers in the village in many aspects. His avant-gardism attracts the attention of the villagers. In such a mosaic he is a respected guest in many homes in the village. In one of them lives Dzemile, the sister of the new friend of the teacher, who happens to be the first individual the teacher met upon his arrival in the village. The beautiful girl attracts the attention of Damjan, who in the beginning, maybe even fecklessly flirts with her, disregarding the actual patriarchal environment. Love is born, the tragic component of which is present from its very beginning. Their different religions dont promise a happy-ending to their love that soon stops being a secret. Under the strong pressure of Dzemile's family and the village in general, Damjan leaves the village. Soon after that he comes back. But in the time of his absence Dzemile commits suicide, diving into the deep water of the river at the banks of which her great love began.

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