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We are a not-for-profit cultural organization with a goal to broaden the awareness of Macedonian talent and culture through film

About Us

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Our History

The Macedonian Film Festival was founded by

Virginia A. Evans and made its début in May, 2006.

This annual festival honours the rich history of Macedonian film-making with a unique mandate of celebrating films with a Macedonian connection, and is held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, home to a large Macedonian diaspora. Since the festival’s inception, there have also been Macedonian film festivals at various times in England, USA, and Australia. Toronto’s annual festival will celebrate its 15th year in October 2020.

We present films from a variety of sources and genres, such as Macedonian classics, contemporary features, documentaries, shorts and animation. We also encourage emerging Macedonian film-makers from the four corners of the globe to submit their films for consideration. The Macedonian Film Festival presents Q&A sessions at every festival, at which we are joined by Macedonian directors and actors from around the world, either in person or virtually. We are committed to presenting all films in English or with English subtitles, unless otherwise noted, as we invite all Canadians and friends around the world to join us here at the Macedonian Film Festival.

Film Reels

Macedonian Film Festival

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Our Vision

The purpose and goal of the Macedonian Film Festival is to broaden the awareness of all Canadians to Macedonian talent and culture, as well as focus attention on contemporary and historical issues facing the Macedonian diaspora. The Macedonian Film Festival is the primary venue in Canada for presenting films by Macedonian directors, writers and producers from around the world. The Macedonian Film Festival is an event like no other in North America, enlightening, educating and entertaining the Macedonian and Canadian community with what Macedonia has to offer on the socio-cultural global landscape. The Festival also features films with a Macedonian theme by filmmakers, regardless of their ethnic background.

We want to create and encourage dialogue, reflect the Macedonian consciousness and complex identity, and promote our unique Macedonian culture.

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