Year of the Monkey, Sunday, October 20, 8:30pm

The "Year of the Monkey", Coco escapes the zoo to become a media star and the nation's symbol of resistance during an economic crisis that had left the Zoo Warden, Tsobe, unemployed. Recapturing Coco is a way for Tsobe to be reinstated, but returning a nation's symbol to captivity may be risky. It certainly is comical and mischevious.

Director Vladimir Blazevski has won awards for Best Film for "Punk's Not Dead", Best Director for "Hi-Fi", and Best Documentary for "The Chinese Market". The "Year of the Monkey" has won awards at the International Film Festival in Cuidad de Mexico, The Black Sea Film Festival, and the Grand Prix at the International Film Festival of Leskovac and has been shown at almost 50 film festivals from New York to Bangkok to Tokyo to Moscow to Macedonia and the Macedonian Film Festival in Australia.

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