(Extra)terrestrial Lee

"The Secrets Of The Universe Are Only Known By God."

  • Genre: Short, Documentary

  • Release Year: 2014

  • Duration: 21 minutes

(Extra)terrestrial Lee

In this short documentary, we get to know Miki Lee Trajchevski, a homeless man from Shtip, Macedonia. An enigmatic, likeable character, who is extraordinary yet humble, wise yet eccentric. He, along with other residents of Shtip, discuss UFO sightings in the area, the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe, and the humanity of our planet.

Director Information:

Sashko Potter Micevski


Sashko Potter Micevski is a film editor, documentary director and a sound designer, born in Shtip, Macedonia, on 28th May 1990. In 2008 he started a Film and TV editing course at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in the class of prof. Dimitar Grbevski, accredited by the St. Cyrilus and Methodius university in Skopje. His graduation film, the short documentary (Extra)terrestrial Lee won two awards on international festivals, best editing in India and best documentary film in Serbia. The film gained really wide media attention and an audience that still spreads the popularity of the film. After his graduation, Sashko gained working experience as sound and picture editor. His work as a picture editor include short films like On our way Home, In Absentia, Call me Barbara. As an sound editor he worked on several Macedonian and international feature films like To the Hilt, The Piano Room, Three days in September, The Hero and so on.

Sashko is currently in his first year at the National film and television school in the UK (which is currently ranged as the best international film school in the world, according to Hollywood reporter magazine), doing a MA Sound design for Film and TV course. Also he is working as a director on a new short documentary called “We are all going to die”.