• Genre: Short film - drama - Sci-Fi

  • Release Year: 2019

  • Duration: 18 min

  • Directed by: George Lazov



In a near future, where, because of the pollution from factories children and people die or are born deformed, a young married couple, Nadya and Philip, struggles with the knowledge that their 8-year-old daughter will die in few days. But everything changes when they find out that their daughter Eva has only one day left. Philip is filled with rage but Nadya tries to keep them calm. Outside there are protests in front of the factory that is the main reason for the air pollution. Philip wants to join the protests and take his revenge against the factory, meanwhile Nadya just wants them to spend the last minutes of Eva's life together.


Screenings and Awards

Manaki Brothers’ International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Director Information:

George Lazov



George Lazov had graduated in the department of film directing from the Film Academy in Shtip, North Macedonia in the fall of 2018. The short film Ashes was his graduation film. Meanwhile he has also worked on other Macedonian films as production assistant, such as the films: “God exists, her name is Petrunija” and “Second chance”.