Brother for a day

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  • Genre: Short, Drama, Family

  • Release Year: 2015

  • Duration: 12 minutes

Brother for a day

A five-year-old girl, with busy and pre-occupied middle-class parents, befriends a Roma boy on the street.

A story of our city, our streets, our neighbourhood. And it can happen anywhere. A modern family of three, in a race against time and money, don’t spend enough time with their 5-year-old daughter, Anјa. They do not have the time or the nerves to explain real family values to her, so she gets what she wants, sometimes without reason. One day she meets a Roma boy on the street...

Awards and Screenings:

Official Selection: Children's Film Festival - Bangladesh, Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival, Delhi Shorts International Film Festival, Sweet As Festival

Director Information:

Stojan Vujicic