First Macedonian Traverse

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"North American Premiere"

  • Genre: Documentary

  • Release Year: 2015

  • Duration: 35 minutes

First Macedonian Traverse

First Macedonian Traverse is a film about mountain traverse in western region of Republic of Macedonia. Starting at Ljuboten peak at Shar Mountain crosses till Ohrid Lake, makes one of the most beautiful mountain trails at the Balkans and in Europe, with length of 200 km that passes through picturesque and diverse terrain at altitude above 2000 meters. Film follows the journey of the mountaineers passed the restored traverse in 2014 year, complemented with interviews of the establishers that set the basis of the route 40 years ago.

Director Information:

Goran Vukik and Kiril Shentevski


Goran Vukik (1982) graduated film and TV editing at Faculty of dramatic arts – Skopje. Work and lives in Skopje as video editor of documentary films, short films and commercials. He has directed few mountaineering documentary films.

Films: Macedonian flag at Anapurna 1 (2016); First ГЊacedonian Г’raverse (2015); Alek, Koljo, Strezo and Vasil at Dufourspitze (2014); To the top (2014)

Kiril Shentevski (1983) graduated film and TV shooting at Faculty of dramatic arts – Skopje. Work and lives in Skopje as a cinematographer of documentaries and short films. He has directed few documentary films.

Films: First ГЊacedonian Г’raverse (2015); Silver song (2013); Through the heart of Macedonia (2010)