"An enigmatic murder investigation in the absence of human remains causes the Detective to question her sanity as one bizarre twist leads to another..."

  • Genre: Short film

  • Release Year: 2013

  • Duration: 26 minutes


While trekking up a mountain, two hikers stumble upon a grisly crime scene. A seven year old girl, Camellia may have been murdered.
Detective Veli investigates this monstrous crime with the help of the girl’s father, Mr. Herman. Of all the strange things that surround the investigation, the strangest one is that, although there are traces of Camellia’s blood on the crime scene, there are no human remains. The only clue left behind is a sample of pubic hair.
More puzzling still is the behaviour of Mr. Herman, which fluctuates from obsession with his daughter’s death to a resignation to die. The absence of a body also means that there is no murder to investigate. The case becomes even more complex when it is discovered that the found pubic hair completely matches the DNA profile of none other than Camellia herself, a dubious impossibility.
Detective Veli begins to look at the case differently. Who is the real victim in this case?

Director Information:

Eleonora Veninova