I witness (A.K.A Wait for me) (2016)

"(Adult themes, coarse language)"

  • Genre: Feature - Action, Drama

  • Release Year: 2016

  • Duration: 113 min

  • Directed by: Mitko Panov


“Wait for Me” aka “I Witness” is a political thriller/action drama about an enthusiastic junior officer from The Hague War Tribunal in pursuit of justice. The arrest of General Miro Pantic ends a decade-long manhunt that had frustrated his Western pursuers and left festering one of the bloodiest chapters in Europe’s recent history. He had been indicted by a War Crimes Tribunal on charges of crimes against humanity, but when an young envoy from The Hague (Padraic Delaney) goes looking for an internal witness – Nikola Radin, alas The General (Bruno Ganz) - the problems begin. No one wants The General to testify against Pantic, whom they perceive as their national hero. The fierce manhunt in the Balkan mountains will give a life-changing lesson to the young envoy who will come to understand that there are many more shades to what he thought was a black-and-white picture.

Special Presentation by Director Mitko Panov - Q & A with Mitko Panov

Sponsored by: Canadian Macedonian Place Foundation

Director Information:

Mitko Panov


Mitko Panov was born in 1963 in Skopje, Macedonia. He holds both Swiss and Macedonian citizenship. From 1983-88 he studied directing at the Lodz Film School. From 1992-95 he was Assistant Professor of film directing at Tisch School of the Arts, New York and in 1992 was a founding member of New York Film Academy and its Paris branch in 1998. He was visiting Professor at the HFF (Hochschule fur Fernsehen und Film) Munich from 1995-99. He held the position of Associate Professor, film production and directing, University of Texas in Austin, from 1998-2008. His films have won many international awards including the Golden Palm for best short film in Cannes (1991).

Panov is recipient of a number of grants and fellowships including the Rockefeller Fellowship for US Film and Media artists, the Guggenheim Fellowship for distinguished artists and scholars and the Sundance Soros Documentary Film Grant.

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