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Macedonian bloody wedding

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"Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed..."

  • Genre: Drama

  • Release Year: 1967

  • Duration: 103 minutes

  • Directed by: Trajce Popov

  • Screenplay by: Slavko Janevski

  • Produced by: Branko Popcevski

  • Leading Roles: Zafir Hadzimanov, Risto Siskov, Vera Cukic and Petar Prlicko

Macedonian bloody wedding

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Macedonian Bloody Wedding tells the story of a young woman named Cveta who is kidnapped by an Ottoman Turk in hopes of eloping with her.
The film is a classical national play with emphasized melodramatic elements. It remained on the stage for such a long time that it acquired a fixed performance, very rarely changed.

Director Information:

Trajce Popov

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