Pay your interns!

"Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil – Illegal Unpaid Internships Are!"

  • Genre: Short, Documentary

  • Release Year: 2015

  • Duration: 45 minutes

Pay your interns!

"Pay Your Interns!" is an unapologetic critique of the shady practice of Canadian employers turning a blind eye to the Employment Standards Act by "hiring" interns to perform the work of a "paid" employee. The film delivers information and ideas in a cheeky way by juxtaposing archival footage against interviews with advocates, unpaid interns, protesters and people on the street. The film's message is clear: Pay Your Interns!

Director Information:

Cynthia Helen Pandev


Pay Your Interns! is Cynthia’s directorial debut. She also produced, shot and edited the documentary and hopes that the film inspires and encourages young workers to speak out against free labour in the form of illegal unpaid internships.

Cynthia has worked in post production as a professional editor for over 20 years. Her advertising clients include many corporate giants in Canada as well as the Ontario Government. Cynthia has edited numerous television documentaries and films, which have aired on major networks, including Discovery USA and the National Geographic Channel. Cynthia was one of the first foreign editors to work in Bulgaria on a feature film co-production between Nu Boyana Film Studios, Britain, and Canada.

Pandev has also worked alongside the filmmaker Ann Petrie, who won an Emmy for her documentary “Mother Theresa”, Cynthia’s cut of the feature doc, "David Murray: “A Sculptor with Sound", was awarded a Gold plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival. Cynthia edited a "Thelma & Louise" tribute film, which was presented at Roy Thomson Hall to a sold out crowd as part of the film’s 20th anniversary celebration.