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  • Genre: Short

  • Release Year: 2013

  • Duration: 15 minutes

Play and Save

Gligor, a young misfit from the country becomes marked by his instinctive need to deal with irregularities which a time-storm imposes. He recalls dramatic scenes of the past. He finally comes across an absurd ring like a new purified and transformed man devoted to his native hearth and God's salvation.

Director Information:

Goran Trenchovski


Goran Trenchovski is director, writer, artistic leader, founder of Г’iberiopolian Film Alliance AsterFest, lecturer, humanist. Graduated film and theatre directing at the prestigious Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. Lived and researched for one year in Prague. He directed numerous TV and film projects in different genres and forms as well as stage performances and a number of plays and scripts by both classical and contemporary authors. His directions are screened, staged and awarded on festivals in many countries. His debut feature film is "Golden Five".