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Second Chance

  • Genre: Drama - full length

  • Release Year: 2019

  • Duration: 76 min

  • Directed by: Marija Dzidzeva

Second Chance


Second Chance interweaves three stories of three women living in the same apartment complex, creating a kaleidoscopic observation of the unique experience of being a mother and the self-sacrifice involved in bringing life into this world. Each one of these women is trying to find meaning in her existence during the absurd and meaningless times on the verge of civil war in Macedonia. Each of them faces their own demons while trying to preserve their humanity.

Written by Ognen Georgievski and directed by Marija Dzidzeva.
This film was originally called 'Sacrifice'.


Screenings and Awards:

Second Chance received its world premiere at the Skopje Film Festival in April 2019. Its premiere was the first time a film by a female director opened this festival. 

Director Information:

Marija Dzidzeva



Marija Dzidzeva was born in 1970 in Gevgelija, Macedonia. She graduated with degrees in Macedonian Literature and also in Film and TV directing. This is her first full-length feature film. Ms Dzidzeva has directed several shorts and documentaries, including Toni Mandza’s List, Look at the Life Through My eyes, Some Other Stories, and Pursuit of Luck, all of which were screened at the Macedonian Film Festival here in Toronto. 

  • Genre: Drama - full length

  • Release Year: 2019

  • Duration: 76 minutes


  • Directed by: Marija Dzidzeva

  • Screenplay by: Ognen Georgievski

  • Produced by: Svetozar Ristovski

  • Leading Roles: Deniz Abdula, Jordanco Cevrevski, Daniela Ivanoska, Mirjana Karanovic

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