The Last Macedonian - Road to Extinction

  • Genre: Documentary - History

  • Release Year: 2015

  • Duration: 60 minutes


Bloodshed, breakup of families, powerful neighbours, and a desire to destroy Macedonia: The homeland is broken up into many parts but its heroes left with a strong sense of independence and self-identity. One hundred years later, after numerous divisions and destruction, new characters fill the stage but there are still a few steps more to go in the story of Macedonia. Historians from Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia and Macedonia present facts and evidence, some of it never-before revealed. Shot on location in Bitola and the surrounding area.

Shown at Manaki Brothers’ International Cinematography Festival in Bitola, 2015.

Director Information:

Ilija Piperkoski


Ilija Piperkoski is both an actor and director. He has directed many documentary films and is currently working on a dramatic feature film called ‘Grandfather and Grandson’, set for release in 2018.

Promoting Macedonian cinematography within the Canadian landscape of film culture.


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