The man who wouldn't die

  • Genre: Animation

  • Release Year: 2015

  • Duration: 11 minutes

The man who wouldn't die

Johnny, a successful 30 something businessman, in an attempt to end his life, jumps afrom a bridge to what it looks like certain death. Fortunately he is saved from the cold and musky waters, but is intrigued by his quiet savior. Nothing is as it seems.

Director Information:

Goce Cvetanovski


Goce Cvetanovski is one of the emerging authors of the new wave of Macedonian film directors. Since 1998 he lives in Paris, France, where he studied cinema at the University of Paris 8.

His production studio "Makedonska Krepost" was founded in Macedonia in 2002. He has directed a number of short films (screened on over 80 film festivals in the world), documentary films, music videos and TV commercials. He also gives a creative workshop at the film academy ESRA Skopje and writes for the comic book industry. In 2014 he’s co-founder of the comic books publishing company "Komic Brew" based in Scotland, UK.