The monk

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  • Genre: Animated short - Drama

  • Release Year: 2018

  • Duration: 12 min

  • Directed by: Zharko Ivanov

The monk


In a small monastery, hidden in the rocky mountains along a lake far from civilization, a lonesome young monk paints frescos of saints on the walls.  On a quiet sunny day, while fishing in his small rowboat in the middle of the lake, he suddenly hears female voices. Is he being tempted? Is his conscience being tested?

Director Information:

Zharko Ivanov



Zharko Ivanov, born in 1976, is a Russian and Italian language and literature graduate at the Philology Faculty in Skopje. In 2006, he attended the Film Art College in Sofia, Bulgaria, after which he completed a Masters in Cultural Studies at the University of Skopje and Masters in Animation Film Directing at the University of Audiovisual Arts. He founded the production company Flip Book, which has produced nearly 20 short animated, documentary and live action films. His animated trilogy, Round Trip, has been shown at more than 100 festivals around the world and won over 15 awards. From this trilogy, the MFF screened ‘Mary’ in 2016.