The piano room

"Three best friends find and old the_piano_room which transmits news from the future and the past. Sometimes, a found treasure is better left buried..."

  • Genre: Feature film, Drama

  • Release Year: 2013

  • Duration: 102 minutes


If these walls could talk...
One room in an aging hotel bears witness to the drama in the lives of the guests who pass through over a number of years.
It is a place of beginnings and endings. It is the keeper of secrets; a place of forbidden love and perversity, and an arena for both the banality and the absurdity of everyday life.
Through the maid, who is as constant and as silent as the room itself, we can glimpse a normal and beautiful life. As she discovers her views on her own life, the piano room discloses to her a valuable secret...

Director Information:

Igor Ivanov

Promoting Macedonian cinematography within the Canadian landscape of film culture.


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