True love

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  • Genre: Feature

  • Release Year: 2016

  • Duration: 110 minutes

True love

1939, right before the beginning of the Second World War in Europe. Aco, young, handsome lawyer from Veles, Macedonia, far on the south of the Balkans, lives his days as a bachelor. Everything would have been perfect, if he wasn't the only son in the wealthy family of Pingo. His mother, Ruzha wants her son to get married and she thinks that the best way to make her wish come true is through his father, noble Vaso Pingo. But neither Aco wants to get married, neither Vaso knows how to persuade him to do that. Everything would be fine, if it wasn't a turbulent, serious and unpredictable times, such as the young lawyer Aco. He is an educated and selfassured person, that can't surpass over his own identity, so he refuses to get married to a Mayor's daughter, a Serbian immigrant in Macedonia, that doesn't recognize the existance of Macedonian people.But, life is perfect, so in the same time, young, romantic and beautiful peasant Nade, that left the school to take care of her father that is a widower, in one stormy night that brings Aco in their house, falls in love with him. As well as Aco. Because Nade is beautiful, modest, smart, and she loves the poetry of great macedonian poet Kocho Racin, whose verses Aco carries along all the time. And, there is the true love. True in the very moment when Aco and Nade decide to emmigrate to Canada, because Aco couldn't agree that one injustice would be replaced wih another!

Director Information:

Jani Bojadzi


Jani Bojadzi mostly produced his own films and television projects. But he`s also a producer of many television productions of Chanel 5 TV Macedonia of fiction, documentary, shows and other departments. He`s also a producer of Vasil Mihail`s film "Pagliacci" and producer of the TV serial "Stories from Macedonia" as producer in Chanel 5 TV Macedonia in the fiction and documentary production department.

Jani Bojadzi, 1970, born in Strumica, Macedonia in family of refuges from civil war in Greece. High Sholl finished in Macedonia & Academy for theater & film art in Sofia, Bulgaria. Jani Bojadzi work in film, theatre & television as writer, producer & director. He’s a actual Executive Producer of National television Chanel 5 in Skopje.