Unripe cherries

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"An Encapsulated Portrait Of Civil Unrest Set In 2001."

  • Genre: Short, Drama

  • Release Year: 2014

  • Duration: 16 minutes

Unripe cherries

In Macedonia, at a time of civil war, a group of people from differing religious and ethnic communities must travel together in one train compartment. The atmosphere is tense as the group waits for the latest news on negotiations between Macedonian security forces and Albanian terrorists.
Actor Kole Angelovski returns to the screen for the first time in 15 years, playing the part of the elderly Serbian patriot.

Director Information:

Nebojsa Jovanovic


Nebojsa Jovanovic was born in Skopje, Macedonia, where he completed his primary and secondary school. During his high school, he was attracted by film art. That period he tried to express himself through the film art, becoming an active member of the film club "EDWOOD". Within this workshop he worked on the development and realization of several amateur documentaries and feature films. Later within the same workshop he produced and directed the short documentary "Storming", which is shown at the International Film Festival "Brothers Manaki" in 1997. The same year Nebojsa began to cooperate with Sitel TV to develop a documentary and feature film production. As a result is the short documentary "Daniel" which was made with his idea and scenario, and later be screened in the official selection of the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic and received an award.

In 2014 he wrote the screenplay for the short fiction film "Unripe cherries" and later the same year with help of the staff and resources of several major Macedonian production firms as Quasar, FX3X, Filmtrick and Macedonian Radio and Television he produced and directed it as an independent project.