Witnesses: Canada

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"The experiences of Macedonians displaced by the Greek Civil War, and the quest for a better life in Canada..."

  • Genre: Documentary

  • Release Year: 2014

  • Duration: 120 minutes

Witnesses: Canada

This documentary includes the testimonies of 70 Macedonian emigrants to Canada. Born in Aegean Macedonia (Northern Greece), these individuals were exiled from their homes during and after the Greek Civil War, and started new lives in Canada. Their memories of what happened to them and their families were part of a “Witnesses” project by the Macedonian Government as well as Kinoteka.
It was important to produce a documentary and include these testimonies by the survivors and immigrants to Canada recorded. We are looking forward to having the director, Atanas Cuposki, available for a Q & A when we screen this film.

Director Information:

Atanas Cuposki