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Always leaving

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  • Genre: Documentary / Short

  • Release Year: 2006

  • Duration: 4 minutes

  • Directed by: Anton Blajer

  • Screenplay by: Anton Blajer

  • Produced by: Steve Thomas

Always leaving

There's always a place where your heart feels at peace, a place that you return to and feel like you've never been away. It can give you a sense of belonging, even if you do not, it can touch you, even if your far away, and if will always remind you, even if you have forgotten. But it's not really the place or location that matters, but the people. And sometimes, this place only exists in the memory.

Director Information:

Anton Blajer


Anton Blajer was born in Skopje, but spent much of his childhood in the family home in Bitola. He imigrated to Australia in 1990, and is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts - School of Film & Television in Melbourne.
Anton has also worked in various roles on over a dozen films, including as a sound recordist on the award winning “The Butcher’s Wife” (2006, Directed by Kylie Plunkett) featured at the 2007 Melbourne International Film Festival, and as cinematographer on “Eat the Suburbs” (2006, Directed by Tanya Curnow) which premiered at Canada’s Hot Docs 2007 Festival. In 2006 he wrote and directed two short documentary films, “Always Leaving” – a self reflective film on his childhood journey from his homeland to Australia, and “The Shomer” – a candid glimpse into the closed world of an Orthodox Jewish burial society. “The Shomer” was awarded the VCA Edwin Rado Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in Directing.

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