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At home

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"Home is where you stick your flag"

  • Genre: Documentary

  • Release Year: 2007

  • Duration: 59 minutes

  • Directed by: Gjorce Stavreski

  • Screenplay by: Gjorce Stavreski

  • Produced by: Sasha Davor Spirovski, Bojan Stilin, Daniela Stilin, Katarina Karaskou Spirovski

At home

The film follows life destinies of eight people of Macedonian and Croatian origin, each living in the others’ country. The film analyzes the lives of mainly young individuals who have more or less fulfilled themselves in a socially, religiously and culturally different environment by opening the issues of identity, connection with the environment they come from, cultural and religious differences and the relation of society to the individual.

“The film offers an answer to the question why Croats move to Macedonia and vice-versa. Interestingly, this analysis has shown that Croatian emigrants came to Macedonia about 40 years ago, whereas Macedonians have tended to move to Croatia in the past 15 years in search for better life. This is an indicator of the conditions we live in this country,” director Stavreski says.

Director Information:

Gjorce Stavreski


Gjorce Stavreski is a film director based in Skopje, Macedonia. He graduated from the National Film Academy in Skopje. He directs both documentary and fictional films. He is a prolific screenwriter and produced his first short fiction film “At Daybreak”. An avid photographer, he recently had his first international solo exhibit in Caen, France. His films have been shown in numerous film festivals and he has won many awards. Among them: “Special jury mention” at the ZagrebDox film festival for his documentary film “Adam and Eve” and two awards for his first short film - “At Daybreak”, which was accepted in the international competition at the prestigious short film festival - Clermont-Ferrand 2010.

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