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Length of Film: 13 Minutes

Other (Specify): SHORT FILM

Release Date: 2-Apr-2022

Country of Production: MACEDONIA




Basket is a short film about growing up and boy’s great

passion. It speaks about the children’s impatience to prove

and achieve something ahead of time and also characterizes the

everyday Macedonian mentality in the neighborhood.

Director Information:

Dimitar Banov


The story is set today, during the summer, in a small Skopje

area, around the playground and the outdoor basketball court.

The protagonist PEPO (16) already 3 summers in a row is

hoping, longing and trying to play on the better side of the

basketball court, where the net is, and where the older guys

play their hard and tough streetball games.

After many attempts, obstacles and failures to get into the

First league streetball game, not only that he’s been mocked

by the older players, stubborn Pepo betrays his friends (peers

from the b-ball court) on the other side of the playground.

When one of the big players gets hurt during the last

streetball game before the sunset, Pepo is called to

substitute his place. While the last game is on, only Pepo

plays as hardest as he can. In a crucial moment, when the

score is tie, he goes for a strong drive and gets smacked in a

sandwich between two big guys. We hear a silent bone brake and

a loud scream. Pepo breaks his right arm and is taken out of

the court. Next day he shows up on the court with a cast on

his arm and gets sympathies and autographs from both, the

younger and the older players for his courage. Pepo apologizes

to his peers and gives them a brand new basketball net for

their rim on the other side of the basketball court.

In the closing scene we see grown up Pepo playing high tempo

basketball with the older players.

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