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Black seed

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  • Genre: Feature - Historical

  • Release Year: 1971

  • Duration: 89 min

  • Directed by: Kiril Cenevski

Black seed

In 1946, during the Civil War in Greece, Macedonians from the part of Macedonia, belonging to the Royal Greek Army were being accused of being Communists and enemies of Royal Greece. They are punished and sent to a prison camp on a deserted island. Taking into consideration their own convictions and their ethnic origin, some of them succeed in surmounting all difficulties and were able to keep their own dignity. But some fail and instead of the expected salvation, they experience a complete moral destruction. The central characters are Andon Sovichanov, Paris and Hristos. Although each of them represents an individual complexity of a person, through their sufferings they indicate the various dimensions of the human resistance. The Golgotha starts disarming the Macedonians of the Aegean part of Macedonia and deporting them. At first they are sent to the military prison, where they are interrogated, then loaded on a ship and under terrible circumstances sent to a deserted island. They are punished for any sort of resistance or disobedience. On the Day of Independence the prisoners have to sing of independence. They refuse, so a rebellion follows which ends unsuccessfully.

Director Information:

Kiril Cenevski

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