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Blacky and faulty

  • Genre: Short film - Comedy

  • Release Year: 2018

  • Duration: 11 min

  • Directed by: Marko Dzambazoski

Blacky and faulty


Blacky and Faulty are two not very bright friends. When they find themselves penniless and beer less, they decide to rob a store using toy guns and plastic masks. During the robbery, one of the unfortunate customers caught in the situation goes into labour, so Blacky and Faulty find themselves in a dilemma – should they help or run away with the money?



1. Pula Film Festival (Croatia)
2. Slum Film Festival (Kenya)
3. Omladinski Film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
4. LEFFE (Serbia)
5. Most (Serbia)
6. Giffoni Film Festival Macedonia (Macedonia)
7. Drim Film Festival (Macedonia)
8. Comedy Cluj (Romania)
9. MikroFAF (Serbia)
10. East Anglian Film Festival (UK)
11. RIFAC (Tunisia)
12. Early Bird Film Festival (Bulgaria)
13. CineDays (Macedonia)
14. Balkans Beyond Borders (Serbia)
15. Winter Apricots International Film Festival (Macedonia)
16. Linea d'Ombre Film Festival (Italy)
17. Winter apricots (Macedonia)
18. Lift-off (UK)
19. 12 Months Film Festival (Romania)
20. InShort Film Festival (Nigeria)
21. Diorama International Film Festival (India)
22. Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival (India)
23. Sylhet Film Festival (Bangladesh)
24. First-Time Filmmaker Sessions (UK)
25. New Wave Film Festival (Bulgaria)
26. Benton Park Film Festival (USA)
27. Imaginarium Comic Film Festival (USA)
28. Flicks International Short Film Festival (Netherlands)
29. Melbourne International Youth Film Festival (Australia)
30. Cefalù film festival 2019 (Italy)
31. FLIF (Slovenia)
32. Azyl Festival (Slovakia)
33. Balkan laugh by the River (Greece)
34. Postira Seaside Film Festival (Croatia)
35. Film 4 Fun International Short Film Festival (Romania)
36. Beach Film Festival (Macedonia)
37. Film 4 Fun International Short Film Festival (Romania)
38. Karlovci Film Festival (Serbia)
39. Rabat Comedy International Film Festival (Morocco)
40. FilmFest Altenburg (Germany)

Director Information:

Marko Dzambazoski



Marko Dzambazoski was born in 1993 in Skopje. He graduated from the Faculty of dramatic arts, Skopje, Department of Film and TV editing. He is the author of three short fiction films and two short documentary films. Besides the filmmaking, he is also a musician, an author, and lead guitarist in the band Vizija.

  • Genre: Short film - Comedy

  • Release Year: 2018

  • Duration: 11 minutes


  • Directed by: Marko Dzambazoski

  • Screenplay by: Marko Dzambazoski

  • Produced by: Lazar Sekulovski

  • Leading Roles: Goran Nikov, Toni Denkovski, Chedomir Mitevski, Mirjana Trpkovska

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