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  • Genre: Animated

  • Release Year: 2002

  • Duration: 5 minutes

  • Directed by: Alex Vasolla


Bucephalus is a short animated film about Alexander (the Great) of Macedon and his stallion Bucephalus. Each frame is a painting done in acrylic on watercolor paper, a painstaking process that took a very long time to create. The director’s goal was to have a natural “painterly” look to the film, as well as creating mood through colour and light. Thematically, he wanted to show a part of Alexander's character that is often not depicted by historians, that of intuition and intellect. Conveying this in a film with almost no dialogue was the challenge. Visual storytelling is the focus. The film tried to take a rather large historical time frame and paint this story on a small canvas, like a window into the past.

Director Information:

Alex Vasolla


Alex Vasolla is an artist whose background brings drawing and painting experience to the world of film. Born in Bucharest, Romania in 1970, he grew up in both Canada and Romania.
Alex has been drawing since childhood, and painting for almost two decades now. He studied anthropology at York University, and later film and animation at Sheridan College.

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