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  • Genre: Short

  • Release Year: 2003

  • Duration: 15 minutes

  • Directed by: Igor Ivanov - Izi

  • Screenplay by: Igor Ivanov - Izi

  • Produced by: Vladimir Anastasov

  • Leading Roles: Georgi Krstevski, Jelena Bogoevic, Vladimir Jachev, Petar Mirchevski, Mitevska Labina, Oliver Mitkovski


'Petar is an autistic child who lives in his own world, protected from reality of despair and disintegration of his family. Nevertheless, reality penetrates his hidden world and destroys it. Peter takes revenge.'
After receiving the information that his father has died, Petar is recalling his childhood:
Peter's father is working in suburb railway station. He is an alcoholic, frustrated by his failure in some chess tournament. He molested his wife. Because of this circumstances Peter is living in a world of his own dominated by his obsession of the bugs. Mother has left and the girl who is Peter's friend is frightened of the alcoholic father. While father is drunk, Peter turns of the incoming train into the wrong trail. That is his vengeance.

Director Information:

Igor Ivanov - Izi


Igor Ivanov (born 1973, Skopje, Macedonia) studied philosophy and began his film career in 1993, when he began directing a series of films for television. Between the years 1995 and 2004 he made several documentaries and short films; one of them, the 15-minute-long Bugs (Bubacki, 2004), won the Golden Leopard at the Locarno festival. The title Upside Down, an adaptation of the novel Navel of the World by contemporary Macedonian writer Venko Andonovski, is his feature film debut. The film clearly revives the poetic quality of the so-called “Black Wave” in Yugoslav film during the 1960s, which closely examined the afflictions of society’s “other face” and the fatal dimensions of human existence.

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