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  • Genre: Documentary / Drama

  • Release Year: 2010

  • Duration: 43 minutes

  • Directed by: Aljosa Simjanovski

  • Screenplay by: Aljush Kamberi

  • Produced by: Atila Grubi, Slobodan Stojkov, Nazim Pertef

  • Leading Roles: Ljube Ristevski


This story is based on a real-life drama. Twenty years ago, a Macedonian man, Ljube Ristevski, living in Australia divorced his wife and fought a rigorous battle for custody of his son, Teddy. After the Australian court granted full custody to the mother, who is English by birth, he kidnapped his own son and went to Bitola, Macedonia. After a year living in hiding in Bitola, he decided to return to Australia where he was sentenced and imprisoned. Following an anonymous tip, the authors of the film found Ristevski unbelievably transformed.

Director Information:

Aljosa Simjanovski

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