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Does it hurt? - The first Balkan dogma

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  • Genre: Feature - Drama

  • Release Year: 2007

  • Duration: 100 minutes

  • Directed by: Aneta Lesnikovska

  • Screenplay by: Aneta Lesnikovska

  • Produced by: Aneta Lesnikovska

  • Leading Roles: Igor Dzambazov, Dejan Lilic, Toni Mihajlovski

Does it hurt? - The first Balkan dogma

This film is reality based on fiction. Its director Aneta (who lives and works in Holland) mixes her life and those of her friends with a fictional situation that she has invented herself. As most of her friends in her home country Macedonia are actors and filmmakers who do everything but act and direct (due to no funding possibilities in a land in transition), she decides to give them false hope in order to make her film. Aneta lies to her friends that she found producers who will fund her film if they will help her out by sharing their life stories. She films the whole process and what was meant to be the making of the film becomes the actual film. Does it Hurt? is the first Balkan, as well as the first Dutch film shot according to the Dogma rules and is the director’s 10 year celebration gift to the Dogma movement.

Director Information:

Aneta Lesnikovska


Aneta Lesnikovska - After finishing her third year at the University of Kiril and Metodij in her hometown Skopje in Macedonia (department History of Art and Archaeology), Aneta Lesnikovska goes to Holland and is accepted at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, department Audiovisual Art. In 1995 she is accepted as an exchange student at the Cooper Union, department film and video, in New York. Short after her graduation in 1997 she gets actively involved in the European art scene, having numerous expositions of her video and new media installations. Among others, her work was exposed in Skopje, Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Budapest, Amsterdam and New York. Most recently her project Confession room was exposed in the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam and The PAC Multimedia centre in Skopje. After focusing on developing her writing and film directing skills she was accepted as one of the 9 participants at the Master class “The Future of the small screen” at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2002.
In the last few years she has been actively involved in several major film projects: How I killed a saint, Le Livre Secret, Journey to Europe, Dust. The First Balkan Dogma is her first feature film.

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