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  • Genre: Short Film - comedy - drama

  • Release Year: 2019

  • Duration: 10 min

  • Directed by: Aleksandar Arsovski



Nadica is late for school for her final exam. At the last moment, she decides to call her teacher and tell her that her grandmother has died. But the teacher then postpones the exam, because she will have to go to the funeral too. Nadica is under the shadow of her lie and now she has to go to the city cemetery and look for a dead granny to enact her lie to the end.


Screenings and Awards

Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festval, Mumbai, India (upcoming)
Manaki Brothers’ International Cinematographers’ Film Festival, Bitola (upcoming)
Pula Film Festival, Croatia
Beach Film Festival, Ohrid
Watchout Festival, Tetovo
The Lift-Off Sessions, London

Director Information:

Aleksandar Arsovski



Aleksandar Arsovski is young filmmaker who graduated in film directing at the Film Academy in Shtip, Macedonia. He has worked on several Macedonian feature and short films, including: “God exists, her name is Petrunija”, “Snake”, “Ashes”, “My biggest wish”, “The Infected Area of Mara and Zharko” among others. 
As a student, he was on an “Erasmus + exchange” in Croatia where he interned with the biggest private TV station, Nova TV, working on a daytime TV series “Čista Ljubav” and a reality show. 
His films have been selected in several festivals throughout Europe, and his most recent documentary received its premiere at a festival in India. He is already well-known in Macedonia at all the film festivals because he participates every year with his films

  • Genre: Short Film - comedy - drama

  • Release Year: 2019

  • Duration: 10 minutes


  • Directed by: Aleksandar Arsovski

  • Screenplay by: Aleksandar Arsovski

  • Produced by: Aleksandar Arsovski

  • Leading Roles: Izabela Jakimova, Sandra Tancheva

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