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Green pages

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  • Genre: Short / Futuristic comedy

  • Release Year: 2010

  • Duration: 17 minutes

  • Directed by: Sasha C. Damjanovski

  • Screenplay by: Sasha C. Damjanovski

  • Produced by: Sasha C. Damjanovski

  • Leading Roles: Johanne Murdock, Jason Courtis, Basienka Blake

Green pages

A man and a woman work for the (U.K.) Green Pages Data Entry Department. They meet, fall in love, fall out, hate each other… and they never say a single word to one other. Not a word- except phone book entries: name, address, and telephone number, again and again. Executed in a single continuous take, this futuristic comedy is also the first ever film adaptation of the phone book.

Director Information:

Sasha C. Damjanovski


Originally from former Yugoslavia, Sasha began his film career as a writer, director and sometimes producer in the UK. He believes in cinema as art and meaningful entertainment and his work continuously reflects this. Sasha's first feature film, Dance With Me, is a stark psychological drama featuring some stunning tango nuevo dance sequences, yet his award-winning short comedy, Green Pages is a 17 minute single-take adaptation of the phone book. As a writer, Sasha has written several screenplays, of which Project Snowflake, a sci-fi romantic comedy, is being adapted for the theatre and is slated for April 2011 opening, in London, and his next feature film, Kalabalak, is slated for September 2011 shoot in Macedonia and the UK.

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