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  • Genre: Short / Comedy

  • Release Year: 2008

  • Duration: 17 minutes

  • Directed by: Marija Apchevska

  • Screenplay by: Marko Petrushevski, Marija Apchevska, Bojan Tanturovski

  • Produced by: Simona Toskic

  • Leading Roles: Sashko Kocev, Zvezda Angelovska, Igor Stojcevski, Mishka Lozana


Hoover is a short comic film about a family expecting a vacuum cleaner (Hoover) salesman and a group of girls who are waiting for a male stripper who coincidentally is named Hoover. The fun begins when the number 6 on one of the buildings accidentally turns around to become the number 9.

Director Information:

Marija Apchevska


Marija Apchevska was born in Bitola, Macedonia. After finishing high school in Bitola she began studying film directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje in the department of Film and TV directing under the mentorship of Professor Stole Popov. She has directed several short student movies and is presently working on feature films, commercials and other various projects.

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