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How I killed a Saint

  • Genre: Feature / Drama

  • Release Year: 2004

  • Duration: 82 minutes

  • Directed by: Teona Mitevska Strugar

  • Screenplay by: Teona Mitevska Strugar

  • Produced by: Teona Mitevska Strugar

  • Leading Roles: Dzevdet Jashari, Labina Mitevska, Milan Tocinovski

How I killed a Saint

Macedonia, here and today. Viola, after spending three years in the USA, comes back to Macedonia and finds her country at the edge of an ethnic war, over-flooded with NATO troops, tanks and guns at every corner, grey and filthy. She finds her family in the same mess, dispersed and in bad communication.Viola’s younger brother Kokan is dangerously following the revolutionary and patriotic dreams moving from small hooligan attitude to genuine terrorist ambitions. She is struggling to come closer to her alienated brothers, but she finds it hard to discover the secret that brought her back to Macedonia. A peaceful parade with relics of a saint changes the lives of Viola and Kokan.

Director Information:

Teona Strugar Mitevska


Teona Strugar Mitevska was born in 1974 in an artistic family in Skopje, Macedonia. She started her engagement with the camera as a child actor. Later she trained as a painter, continuing and finishing her BA in graphic design.
She made her debut as short film director in 2000 with "Veta", which received numerous awards at the Berlin Film Festival and the Kiev Film Festival and which has since been shown at more than thirty festivals around the world. "How I Killed a Saint" was her first feature film, which was made under the auspices of the company she established together with her brother and sister.

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