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Just arrived

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  • Genre: Documentary

  • Release Year: 2004

  • Duration: 1 minutes

  • Directed by: Sandra Danilovic

  • Screenplay by: Sandra Danilovic

  • Produced by: Sandra Danilovic

Just arrived

The experiences of newly-arrived Macedonian immigrants are chronicled as they launch a new life in Canada. They face separation anxiety, culture shock, uncertainty of the future and other challenges in their first few months. They reveal their expectations, fears, hopes and reactions to their new lives. They divulge the ordeals of their past lives – escaping sociopolitical chaos and ethnic strife that has plagued their homeland.
Three Macedonian immigrant families are featured: the Cvetkoviks, the Ruvinovs and the Hristovskis as their stories unfold on camera over a period of several months in Toronto and Winnipeg. We follow each family struggling to find work in their field, make a living, go to school and adjust to their new surroundings while they long for the homes, friends and families they have left behind. 
This POV documentary captures the immigrant experience, delving into the hearts and minds of those who leave their homes behind to settle in the unknown, away from everything that defines who they are.

Director Information:

Sandra Danilovic


Sandra Danilovic is an independent director, writer and producer based in Toronto. Her latest one-hour documentary, Just-Arrived, is being broadcast on OMNI Television. Her first documentary, Portrait of a Street: the Soul and Spirit of College was broadcast on PBS and was nominated for a Canadian Golden Sheaf Award. She is producer/writer/director for her own production company, Rodna Films Inc. She has a degree in film & video production (B.F.A. 1998, York University), and a background in visual arts and photography.
Selected Filmography: Women of the Wind - short documentary (1996), Release - short fiction film (1996), Portrait of the Street - documentary (2001), Just Arrived - documentary (2004).

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