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"“It is in my blood and I will never give it up.”"

  • Genre: Documentary / Ethnographic film

  • Release Year: 2009

  • Duration: 43 minutes

  • Directed by: Sandra Ristovska

  • Screenplay by: Sandra Ristovska

  • Produced by: Sandra Ristovska, Nathalie Schulten


Kaleidoscope is an ethnographic film about changes in Macedonian folk culture caused by the country’s endeavours to cope in today’s global world. This film portrays the stories of handcrafters whose traditions are disappearing. Kaleidoscope then explores the stories of contemporary urban artists in Macedonia who have taken up traditional elements as a base in their creative expressions.

Kaleidoscope challenges the role of tradition and memory in fostering a sense of national identity and the effect that a transition from socialism to capitalism has on cultural production and consumption.

Director Information:

Sandra Ristovska


Sandra Ristovska is a Macedonian filmmaker based in the United States who writes, directs, produces and shoots short films, documentaries and ethnographic films in her home country, the US and Europe. She graduated with a film and theatre degree from the London Film Academy and the University of Kansas and she is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in visual communications at the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School for Communication. She is a recipient of the 13 November- the City of Skopje Award, the highest recognition Macedonian’s capital city gives to its citizens for academic and personal achievements. Her work has screened at numerous international venues and festival including the London Super Shorts Film Festival, Skopje Summer Festival, Society for Visual Anthropology’s Film, Video and Interactive Media Festival, Spencer Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art in Macedonia, and the Smithsonian Institutions Latino Virtual Museum in Second Life. She is currently in a pre-production of her fiction film Canvas, based on a short story published by an emerging Macedonian writer Zivko Grozdanovski.

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