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Kitchen bird cocoon

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  • Genre: Short Film

  • Release Year: 2003

  • Duration: 23 minutes

  • Directed by: Julija Naskova

  • Screenplay by: Julija Naskova

  • Produced by: Katia Belas

  • Leading Roles: Solvei Dahli, Christopher Rogers, Spencer Kramber

Kitchen bird cocoon

Kitchen Bird Cocoon is an eerie tale of non-symbiotic cohabitation between two mismatched roommates, an American man and Macedonian woman, who due to their financial circumstances are doomed to share a household. Stark nature metaphors emphasize the fundamental reason for their falling out - the male character is associated with a bird while the female with a cocoon. The theatrical staging in addition to the art direction, costume and make up are reminiscent of 1960's Hollywood cinema, especially with its universally celebrated but so mercilessly desecrated blonde heroine. Enveloped in fantastic prologue and epilogue, the narrative shifts genres from romance to drama, continuing as film noir and ending as a thriller, leaving the spectator in the same state of uncertainty as its protagonists.

Director Information:

Julija Naskova


Born and raised in Macedonia, she moved to the States to study film earning a BA from SFSU in Cinema and MFA from UCLA in Directing.
Her shorts The Temp, Kitchen Bird Cocoon and Bathing were shown at film festivals and won awards. The Summer of 2005, Julija collaborated on an installation project Saint Petka of Los Angeles in the Czech Republic. Excerpt from the installation was presented at various cities in Russia as part of OUTVIDEO Festival.
Currently, Julija is promoting two music videos in the kaiga style Marox and Wirdiv. Ms. Naskova is currently in preparation on her narrative feature debut Depreciated Objects of Desire.

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