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Kontakt - Encore presentation

"Love story of two misfits"

  • Genre: Feature - Drama

  • Release Year: 2006

  • Duration: 95 minutes

  • Directed by: Sergej Stanojkovski

  • Screenplay by: Sergej Stanojkovski

  • Produced by: Marcelo Busse, Markus Hilberschmidt

  • Leading Roles: Labina Mitevska, Nikola Kojo

Kontakt - Encore presentation

Forty-year old Janko is released from prison into the care of his half-brother Novak, owner of the Hotel “Titanic” in Skopje. The same day Novak picks up his wife’s sister, Zana, from the psychiatric hospital. Since the mental home has begun to serve as a hide-out for war criminals, there is no longer any room for the real patients. Stuck with two misfits ill-equipped for daily struggles of ordinary life, Novak puts Janko in charge of fixing up Zana’s house. Slowly these two people connect in sometimes awkward, but profoundly lyrical way.

Director Information:

Sergej Stanojkovski


Sergej Stanojkovski graduated with a Master’s degree in direction and documentary film. During his academic years, he produced and directed several short films and developed a visual flair, which he continuously works upon. For his film ‘Nevena’ he received the Pavel Juracek Film Award of the film academy FAMU for artistic expression. After many commercials, documentaries and short films, he made his first feature film ‘Kontakt’ in July 2005. The film has been shown in more than 40 international film festivals. His company develops various film projects, also in association with government and education agencies. Stanojkovski is also working on developing film content for the mobile phone.

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