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Look at the life through my eyes

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  • Genre: Documentary

  • Release Year: 2008

  • Duration: 45 minutes

  • Directed by: Marija Dzidzeva

  • Screenplay by: Marija Dzidzeva, Sinisa Juricic

  • Produced by: Sinisa Juricic

Look at the life through my eyes

Studenichani is a small village about 10 kilometres from the Macedonian capital of Skopje. The ethnic Albanian population forms a tight and rather isolated community in which Islam plays a prominent role. In this film, director Marija Dzidzeva painted a detailed picture of daily life in Studenicani. It's a picture from within: we see the residents' traditional way of life through their own eyes, as they tell the story themselves.
This is Marija Dzidzeva’s second contribution to the Macedonian Film Festival.

Director Information:

Marija Dzidzeva


Marija Dzidzeva was born in 1970 in Gevgelija, Macedonia. She graduated from Faculty of philology (1994) and Faculty of dramatic arts (2000), both in Skopje. Her thesis short feature film ‘Miss Amnesia’ (2000) was shown on numerous festivals. ‘Toni Mandza’s list’ (2004), documentary, was shown and awarded at various international festivals. In 2005 she directed 40 min. feature film ‘You are alive’.

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