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Love of Kocho Topencharov

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  • Genre: Documentary / Social

  • Release Year: 1991

  • Duration: 13 minutes

  • Directed by: Antonio Mitriceski

  • Screenplay by: Antonio Mitriceski

Love of Kocho Topencharov

The film is a true story on the life of the Kocho Topencharov, who after 40 years spent in Albania, returns in his fatherland – Macedonia, with his wife and children.
The story begins in Ohrid, when Kocho falls inlove with Maria. In 1950, she returns in Albania, where her family lived. In 1950, Kocho illegaly crosses the state border of Albania to find his love. But, the birocracy of Albanian state consider him as a spy,and many years he spents in jail. Later, he is released, but he is not allowed to return to Macedonia. He marries Maria in Albania… This is a film about his love & life story.

Director Information:

Antonio Mitriceski


Antonio Mitriceski is a film and television director.
He graduated in film directing from the Higher State Film and Television School in Log, Poland.
In 1985, he started dealing with film. He works as an assistant in film and television directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje.
He has received many awards and much recognition for his work: Special prize of the town of Log for the films "Duel" and "Day" in 1985, Gold Medal for a debut film at the 38th Yugoslav Documentary and Short Film Festival in Belgrade for the film "Kocho Topencharov's Love" in 1991 as well he received the audience award at the "Manaki Brothers" International Film Festival in 1977.

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