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Lucky 10

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  • Genre: Short / Thriller

  • Release Year: 2008

  • Duration: 10 minutes

  • Directed by: Manny Kargov

  • Screenplay by: Manny Kargov

  • Produced by: Manny Kargov

Lucky 10

A spiteful waiter’s life is destined to change when he crosses paths with an enigmatic patron who holds a morbid obsession with the number TEN. Upon confronting the patron about his compulsion with the number TEN, the waiter is not prepared for what he hears. “TEN was the age of my son when his life was taken from him, TEN is number of times I stabbed my wife to death when I found out she was cheating on me... TEN is my lucky number.” TEN may be just a number, but this young man will learn that the connection is much more profound and convoluted then he could ever imagine.

Director Information:

Manny Kargov


Manny Kargov was born in Skopje, Macedonia, but raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, culture and contrasting ideology clashed early in Manny Kargov’s life. With a vivid imagination in perpetual motion, Manny turned to cinema as a creative outlet for his constant daydreaming.
Currently working as an Assistant Director in the film industry, Manny finds time to continually pursue his own film projects. His latest project, Lucky 10 was conceived while vacationing in Bulgaria, lying in bed, suffering from food poisoning. Lucky 10 was accepted into the T.I.P. Program (Toronto Indie Production) allowing for collaboration with professional ACTRA performers at a fraction of the cost.

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