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Meredith P.I

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  • Genre: Documentary / Short

  • Release Year: 2006

  • Duration: 12 minutes

  • Directed by: Valentina Puvtoska

  • Screenplay by: Valentina Puvtoska

  • Produced by: Asis Sethi, Kristine Regier

  • Leading Roles: Lorna Wright, Michael Sieffert, Steve Zsirai, Andrea Fletcher

Meredith P.I

Meredith Delfin has always dreamed of being a Private Investigator. With her head frequently buried in a mystery novel, Meredith longs to lead a real-life investigation. Just a few days into her new position as an office temp, she stumbles across a mystery that she believes will be a big one. Joined on her investigation by her high school friend Brian, Meredith stumbles and bumbles her way to trouble.

Director Information:

Valentina Puvtoska


Valentina Puvtoska was born in Ohrid, Macedonia. She and her family immigrated to Canada in the late 1980s. Valentina has long held a passion for filmmaking. She attended Carleton University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in English and Film Studies. While she loved the university experience, Valentina decided that what she really wanted to do was gain some first hand knowledge in the practice of making films. This decision led her to the Humber Institute’s Film and Television Production program.
Valentina is currently working on a script entitled Canadian Dream, detailing the lives of Eastern European immigrants to Canada in the late 1980s. Valentina hopes to direct again in the future, whether it is her own script, or one written by another writer.

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