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Miss Stone

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  • Genre: Feature / History

  • Release Year: 1958

  • Duration: 97 minutes

  • Directed by: Zhivorad Mitrovic - Zhika

  • Screenplay by: Gjorgji Abadziev, Trajche Popov

  • Leading Roles: Nikola Avtovski, Dimitar Costarov, Darko Damevski, Ilija Dzuvalekovski, Dragi Kostovski - Amfi, Vladimir Medar, Ilija Milchin, Todor Nikolovski, Dragan Ocokoljic, Petre Prlichko, Olga Spiridonovic, Viktor Starchic, Marija Tocinoski

Miss Stone

The resistance against the Ottoman Empire in Macedonia is rising. Numerous bands of "komiti" prove the readiness of the Macedonian people to fight for their freedom. At the same time different religious missions are trying to spread their influence among the people. The center of the American Protestant Mission is in Salonica. After they had received permission to open a protestant course in Bansko the missionaries were on their way. The group of missionaries consists of the American Miss Helen Stone and Mr. and Mrs. Tsilka, Macedonians raised in America. Their leaving Salonica will be used by the organization called VMRO (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization) as means of drawing the attention of world public opinion towards the situation in Macedonia and to raise money for the armaments of new groups of freedom fighters. This is why the men of Jane Sandanski kidnap Helen Stone and asks for 25. OOO golden liras ransom from the Turkish Government. In the beginning, Miss Stone, being a pacifist, disapproves of the "komiti but later, witnessing what the Macedonian people have to stand to survive and going through combat actions with the Turks, she turns to the side of the "komiti" and writes the letter by which the demands of the VMRO will be realized.
Awards 1959 FYFF, Pula, Golden Arena for the main male role / Petre Prlichko
1959 FYFF, Pula, Golden Arena for the main female role / Olga Spiridonovic
1959 FYFF, Pula, Golden Arena for art direction / Vasilie Popovic - Cico
1960 IFF, Edinburgh Honourable Diploma
1961 IFF, New Delhi, Honourable Diploma

Director Information:

Zhivorad Mitrovic - Zhika


Zhivorad Mitrovic - Zhika is a film director and screenplay writer.
He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. He started dealing with film in 1946. He belongs to the first generation of postwar Yugoslav film-makers and he is one of the most fruitful Yugoslav directors. In his opus there are over 20 feature films where he more frequently appears as a screenplay writer. Mitrovic's genre determination was for an action film and after the films "Captain Leshi" and "Clash" he became famous as a creator of the so-called Yugoslav western.
Mitrovic has been awarded numerous recognition and awards for his film work: "Nevesinska pushka" (Rifle of Nevesino), "March on Drina", "Uzhice Republic", "Rebellion of Timok", "Miss Stone" etc).

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