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Mocking of Christ

"(Adult themes, coarse language, violence) - Toronto Premiere"

  • Genre: Feature film

  • Release Year: 2018

  • Duration: 152 min

  • Directed by: Jani Bojadzi

Mocking of Christ

After an absence of twenty years, Alexander travels to his birthplace to discover the truth about his father. Family history reveals that his father married his mother, Marija, despite the opposition of her family. They are Greeks who have come from Turkey to the village of Lazar’s father. Lazar, an indigenous Macedonian, is part of a group of communists who fought in the civil war in Greece which they subsequently lost. Shortly after their marriage, Lazar, condemned for being a communist, is forced to leave the village and had to leave a pregnant Marjia with her family. Alexander is born and any mention of his father is strictly forbidden. In high school he receives a scholarship and leaves for Paris where he becomes a journalist and political analyst.

He meets Andrea, a photographer, and they travel together from Athens to Alexander’s birthplace, a small village situated near the border with the neighbouring state of Macedonia. He is contacted by a group of anarchists who are plotting terrorist attacks to protest the Greek disputation of Macedonia. They consider his father, Lazar, to be a hero and expect Alexander to join them. He refuses. He is confronted by family discord and the larger schism of village society which divides native Macedonians and ‘newcomer’ Greeks.

While Alexander contends with family issues, Andrea renews her passion for photography. Enchanted with the beautiful landscapes and its peoples, she documents their travels and Alexander’s homecoming.

A complex journey in all its drama and richness, which ends tragically.

Director Information:

Jani Bojadzi


Jani Bojadzi mostly produced his own films and television projects. But he`s also a producer of many television productions of Chanel 5 TV Macedonia of fiction, documentary, shows and other departments. He`s also a producer of Vasil Mihail`s film ,,Pagliacci,, and producer of the TV serial ,,Stories from Macedonia,, as producer in Chanel 5 TV Macedonia in the fiction and documentary production department.

Jani Bojadzi, 1970, born in Strumica, Macedonia in family of refuges from civil war in Greece. High Sholl finished in Macedonia & Academy for theater & film art in Sofia, Bulgaria. Jani Bojadzi work in film, theatre & television as writer, producer & director. He’s a actual Executive Producer of National television Chanel 5 in Skopje.

  • Genre: Feature film

  • Release Year: 2018

  • Duration: 152 minutes

  • Directed by: Jani Bojadzi

  • Screenplay by: Jani Bojadzi

  • Produced by: Orion Production, Candela & STVA

  • Leading Roles: Ljupcho Todorovski, Ioanna Pilihou, Meto Jovanovski, Joana Popovska

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