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  • Genre: Feature - Drama, Sci-Fi

  • Release Year: 2005

  • Duration: 90 minutes

  • Directed by: Boris Mojsovski

  • Screenplay by: Boris Mojsovski, Ognen Georgievski

  • Produced by: Boris Mojsovski, Srdjan Vilotijevic, Ingrid Veninger

  • Leading Roles: Greg Bryk, Mary Krohnert, Zorana Kydd, Chris Gillett


Unable to cope with his aging problem, Neil (Greg Bryk - A History of Violence) develops severe agoraphobia. Dependent on a variety of pills, Neil has spent his entire adult life inside an inherited building.Over time, his separation from the outside world translates into an oppressive solitude; Neil is unable to even look out a window. Reduced to its essence, Neil is a film about love and one man's quest to regain life. Beautifully shot by his father, Levko Mojsovski, the film explodes with questions of science, love, trust and the unlikely harmony of the unexplainable.

Director Information:

Boris Mojsovski


Boris Mojsovski was born in Sarajevo. Boris is a writer, director and cinematographer who is recognized internationally as one of Canada's emerging talent . Boris Mojsovski is a graduate of the Film Program at York University and has Three and a Half (2002) and the award-winning short films Stop (2000) and Symphony (2001).
Boris lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

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