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Duration: 73 minutes / feature-length documentary / adventure docu-drama

Country: Republic of North Macedonia

Director: Aleksandar Zikov

Screenplay: Regina Ikonomovska

DoP: Aleksandar Karpuzovski

Editor: Jadranka Acevska

Producer: Afrim Farizi

Production: Dea Production

Co-production: Arka Media

Principal Cast: Regina Ikonomovska

Cast: Nikolina Vasilevska, Vasilka Dimitrovska, Predrag Ikonomovski


Regina, a journalist and writer, inspired by a „special gift“, a glass reproduction of the fabulous „Maiden’s Tower“ on the Bosphorus, decides to travel to Istanbul to research and to write about the hidden history.  Her quest is the demystification of the secrets in the masterpieces and the fate of the remarkable historical figures. The stories have one thing in common, forbidden love. Her adventure is full of surprises and challenges, the string of “pearls” becomes a bridge between two civilizations, and her journey is at the same time a personal “pearl“, culminating in a romance in Macedonia.“

Director Information:

Aleksandar Zikov


Director's review

SAVARONA In addition to the drama of the many personalities and myths of civilizational history related to the unfulfilled or impossible love, the protagonist advances himself into an adventure to perpetuate his, it’s hidden dream, where each story introduces us into the drama’s and changes that, the above mentioned personalities, have experienced. The protagonist, who without the necessary love, could not reveal the secrets and mysteries concealed in all those stories, places us in the middle of the sights in Macedonia. A “story in a story” elementally complements narration, and not one but more stories. Something that is carried parallel by the opposite side of "character driven story", which is "plot driven story". Regina is again intrigued by new informations and traces that are opened by every story. The border becomes thin or narrow but in no case grotesque. Although subjectivity should be lacking in the documentary film, the debate on the subject is broad and unfinished. Against the background of the facts presented, there is a longer survey, but the goal is not to present raw historical facts, archive files and conclusions. The theme is romantic, intimate, and intriguing. Although it resembles modern soap operas, the review of them, historical facts, is expressive and dynamic. Dramatic narration reveals empathy to someone who wants something too much and how difficult it is to get to it, but it is nevertheless possible and undoubtedly leads to the expected end. Here is where the main intrigue is born. What characterizes most of the stories in the path of the protagonist. The visual follows the narrative, impressive and expressive. Clear and stylized frames, detailed movements and conditions, dynamic passages and colorful photographic compositions“All the stories about unrealized love, true or untrue, similar or different, hit the wire deep in the Macedonian psyche and continue to fascinate the audience with the stories that never end..”


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