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PORTRAIT OF A STREET - The Soul and Spirit of College (2001)

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  • Genre: Documentary / History

  • Release Year: 2001

  • Duration: 52 minutes

  • Directed by: Sandra Danilovic

  • Screenplay by: Sandra Danilovic

  • Produced by: Sandra Danilovic

PORTRAIT OF A STREET - The Soul and Spirit of College (2001)

Eight Canadians vividly recall growing up Italian, Jewish and Black in Toronto's Little Italy during the 30's and 40's.
This documentary presents the Toronto immigrant experience from a personal perspective.
Painting a portrait of a time, a place and a generation, this film uses candid first-person accounts, archival footage and photographs, personal snapshots and super-8 home movies including present-day footage of Toronto's Little Italy and Kensington Market neighborhoods.

Director Information:

Sandra Danilovic


Sandra Danilovic is an independent director, writer and producer based in Toronto. Her latest one-hour documentary, Just-Arrived, is being broadcast on OMNI Television. Her first documentary, Portrait of a Street: the Soul and Spirit of College was broadcast on PBS and was nominated for a Canadian Golden Sheaf Award. She is producer/writer/director for her own production company, Rodna Films Inc. She has a degree in film & video production (B.F.A. 1998, York University), and a background in visual arts and photography.
Selected Filmography: Women of the Wind - short documentary (1996), Release - short fiction film (1996), Portrait of the Street - documentary (2001), Just Arrived - documentary (2004)

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