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Rainbow connection

"Eugene, a teenager with Down syndrome, spends hours drawings his favourite thing, rainbows..."

  • Genre: Short, Drama

  • Release Year: 2012

  • Duration: 90 minutes

  • Directed by: Kire Paputts

  • Screenplay by: Kire Paputts

  • Produced by: Kire Paputts

  • Leading Roles: Dylan Harman, Deborah Groves, Julian Richings, Atticus Mitchell, Jordan Johnson Hinds

Rainbow connection


Eugene, a teenage boy with Down syndrome, has always felt like an outsider looking in. Fascinated with rainbow mythology, Eugene spends hours drawing the colourful arcs and surrounds himself with his sketches, plastering his bedroom walls with endless rainbows. But no matter how much colour Eugene tries to bring into his world, there’s one hard reality he can’t escape – his mother’s illness. She can’t work, and no one’s around to help take care of the bills. So when his mother falls behind on rent and they’re going to be evicted, Eugene decides that he must do something, but is unsure how to raise the needed money. Desperate, he finds himself being led down a dark path of extortion, gambling and theft, while losing his innocence along the way. When his get rich quick schemes fail, he realizes that the answer was right in front of him all along; he’ll need to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and put his beliefs back into the one thing that has always brought him joy.

Director Information:

Kire Paputts

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