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  • Genre: Short

  • Release Year: 2006

  • Duration: 47 minutes

  • Directed by: George Todorovski

  • Screenplay by: George Todorovski

  • Leading Roles: Edward Barao, Kevin Bertazzon, Nelson Costa, Chris Hatzopoulos


Hank Barrett, out of work and desperate, is looking to sell his home and has found a buyer willing to pay much more than his asking price…but only if he agrees to the contract the buyer has already written.
Shifter is a quirky, dramatic, humorous and sometimes spooky short film.

Director Information:

George Todorovski


George Todorovski - Not just being the director, George shows his full range of talent by having written most of the story, edited the movie, written and performed all the music, and also has a cameo appearance in the movie. On the DVD is also a short computer animation, another of George's capabilities.

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