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Story of Vasilka

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"(French and Macedonian with English sub-titles) - Canadian Premiere"

  • Genre: Documentary

  • Release Year: 2018

  • Duration: 35 min

  • Directed by: Giovanni Princigalli

Story of Vasilka

This film is a real-life portrait of Vasilka, an 84-year old Macedonian now living in Quebec, chronicling her family’s history as it unfolds alongside the history of Yugoslavia and its people, from Nazi-fascist occupation, Communism, and finally to emigration and difficult integration into Canada.

The film was commissioned by a Canadian doctor of Macedonian origin, who wanted a film by which his children could remember their grandmother.

The director went beyond this, and made an authoritative, emotional and narrative film using not only personal pictures but also footage from Kintoka (Cinematheque) of Skopje. The film was made with a small team of film students.

This portrayal of a Macedonian-Canadian immigrant’s life-experiences is a must-see for any immigrant to Canada and is sure to be treasured by everyone in the Macedonian diaspora.

Director Information:

Giovanni Princigalli


Giovanni Princigalli is an Italian and Canadian citizen. He studied Political Sciences at the University of Bari (master thesis with the sociologist Franco Cassano about nomadism, travel and emigration); screenwriting with Giuseppe Piccioni and Umberto Contarello (screenplay of Paolo Sorrentino,Gianni Amelio, Nanni Moretti); documentary with C.A. Pinelli (assistant of Federico Fellini) and Annie Comolli (collaborator of Jean Rouch). He taught Italian cinema and documentary. His films were at GZDOC Festival, Festival Internacional de cine de Gibara, Festival de corto metraje de Buenos Aires, African Diaspora Film Festival of New York, etc. He won awards from Society of Visual Anthropology, Ethnographic film festival of Belgrad, Mediterraneo Video Festival Documentario Internazionale, Renconte cinematographique de Digne-Les-Bains, SCAM Societe civile des auteurs multimedia.

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