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  • Genre: Feature / History

  • Release Year: 1961

  • Duration: 103 minutes

  • Directed by: Zhivorad Mitrovic - Zhika

  • Screenplay by: Jovan Boshkovski

  • Leading Roles: Istref Begoli, Darko Damevski, Aleksandar Gavric, Behrens Marlies, Joakim Mok, Dragan Ocokoljic, Petre Prlichko, Stavo Spasovski, Marko Todorovic


Wishing to draw the attention of world public opinion to the situation in Macedonia under Ottoman rule, a group of Macedonian-socialists, sons of wealthy merchants from Veles, who live and study in Salonica, and who are strongly influenced by Russian nihilist literature and the Geneva anarchists, decide in April 1903 to make a series of attacks on various business concerns in which foreign capital has been invested. The targets of the attacks are the French vessel "Guadalquivir", the Ottoman Bank, the Electricity plant and the G. P. O. in Salonica. The achievement of their aims means death for the activists themselves. But they give up their lives willingly for a holy cause - the freedom of Macedonia.

Director Information:

Zhivorad Mitrovic - Zhika


Zhivorad Mitrovic - Zhika is a film director and screenplay writer.

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. He started dealing with film in 1946. He belongs to the first generation of postwar Yugoslav film-makers and he is one of the most fruitful Yugoslav directors. In his opus there are over 20 feature films where he more frequently appears as a screenplay writer. Mitrovic's genre determination was for an action film and after the films "Captain Leshi" and "Clash" he became famous as a creator of the so-called Yugoslav western.

Mitrovic has been awarded numerous recognition and awards for his film work: "Nevesinska pushka" (Rifle of Nevesino), "March on Drina", "Uzhice Republic", "Rebellion of Timok", "Miss Stone" etc).

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